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To contribute with solutions in CNC machining for any industry, maintaining a solid profitability base, based on the specific needs of each client, the technological vanguard, our technical capabilities and resources and the respect and development of our collaborators.


Make Gemak a reference 100% reliable and recognized in the national and international CNC machining, working with companies with high quality standards and contributing to the improvement in the quality of life of our collaborators.

Services We Provide

CNC Machining

We machine all types of metals according to the design provided by our clients, having experience in industries such as oil and gas, automotive, and automation of any kind.


We have these special processes available to our customers upon request.

Assembly and Welding

In case the design requires it, we apply welding and assemble what is required.

Heat Treatments and Special Coatings

We can subcontract with the best local and international suppliers of any heat treatment or special coating that the client needs in his designs.

Our Quality Policy

At Gemak, our commitment is to manufacture machined parts for any industry, meeting the requirements of our customers and those applicable to the organization, given the development of our personnel and continuously improving our processes.

Our Team

Our Facilities:

We have 3 plants, 2 in Guadalupe, N.L and one in Houston Texas (Bravo CNC), with state of the art equipment of various capacities.

All 3 plants have ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification

We have more than 15 years of experience in the export market, we also have IMMEX program for the temporary import and return of goods abroad with tax benefits for our customers.

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